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Every real estate transaction is as different and unique as you and your home.  I provide a proactive and comprehensive approach to your specific needs, whether they be as seemingly straightforward as trying to sell your home for top dollar or as complicated as coordinating a sale in one state and purchase in another, preparing a home to rent or managing a remodel remotely.  Heck, I might even help you re-tile that outdated bathroom or assist with some minor plumbing or electrical work (just kidding...kind of).


I use experience to anticipate and prevent unwelcome issues and will always work in your best interest.  Investing in (or divesting) real estate is the single most important financial decision that most of us will get to make.  I don't take that lightly.  I am always available beyond traditional business hours to answer any question or to offer advice.  



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Buyers - 


Matching a buyer with the perfect home for them is probably my favorite aspect of this industry.  I love houses and I love people, so come on, let's spend the next few days, weeks, months together, whatever it takes to find the place that checks all the boxes and makes financial and investment sense.  As is traditionally the case, you do not pay any agent commissions when you are buying. And once we find home sweet home I will personally gift you with a year-long warranty to protect your investment.


Sellers - 


I often say that listing your house is not rocket science and it's not, but it does take deft negotiating skills, an arsenal of marketing ideas and enthusiasm to get it done well.  I have been licensed and sold homes on the east coast, west coast and in between and I implement best practices from every locale to do my best to put your homes best foot forward.  I will give you an honest assessment of work that might need to be done to improve marketability or where to close your wallet in terms of limited ROI.   And back to the rocket science bit - I don't expect to get paid like a Nobel Prize winner or brain surgeon and I know that most home sellers are just hoping to break even or recover a small gain.  Let me work with you where possible to reduce typical real estate fees without sacrificing service.  



Other Services - 


I offer other real estate related services when time permits.  This includes but is not limited to:


Remodel Project Mgmt. - If you are remodeling and your full time job prevents you from managing.  Current rate $37-42/hr. (I can do a lot in one hr) My goal is to save you more money than you spend. Includes Gannt charts, getting multiple bids, on-site coordinating with subcontractors and materials sourcing.


Property Management/Rentals - This field is a full-time job in of itself and is not my specialty.  However, I can advise, assist and provide you with tools to find temporary space or find quality renters for your home.  


Photography - If you are doing a FSBO or renting out your home and need pics my wide-angle lens and I will pay you a visit and guarantee 20 great home shots (or I will revisit) and a market ready slide show.


(Free for clients who have a MLS listing package.)


General Real Estate Advice - For you? Always free.



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